Developing Next-Generation Rapid Prototyping Tools to Catalyze Innovation in Smart Textiles

Abstract: Smart textiles combine age-old processes of knitting and weaving with advances in fiber-based smart materials to create soft and flexible circuits for a wide range of applications. While initial advances in smart textiles reveal their potential to significantly benefit society, the difficulty of prototyping smart textiles is limiting innovation in this nascent but transformational design space.This project works towards rapid prototyping smart textiles by generating the core insights necessary to support broader participation in this unique domain. This research will generate insights through the design, development, and systematic evaluation of a tool for designing smart textiles. While many will benefit from exploring the applicability of smart textiles in their lives and work, prior research suggests that the practices this research will make possible are likely to resonate with under-represented groups in science and engineering. This research will support innovation in smart textiles and advance the state of the art in computer-aided design and fabrication by synthesizing the workflows of textile and circuit design.

Sponsor: National Science Foundation  CHS 1755587


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