Simone Hyater-Adams
PhD Student

Simone A. Hyater-Adams, a Ph.D student in the ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder, is a researcher in physics education. She graduated with a B.S. in physics from Hampton University and spent a year and a half as a researcher at NASA. With a passion for creating more opportunities for black students, Simone uses her personal experiences to guide her interdisciplinary research on identity in physics to attract underrepresented populations to STEM. More specifically, she investigates how a student develops a like or dislike of physics, and ways that the performing arts and digital media can be used to attract underrepresented students to the field. In addition to developing a theory to conceptualize the connections of racial identity and physics identity, she develops and facilitates diversity workshops and is involved in several student organizations focused on cultivating a more inclusive and equitable campus. Her advisor is Noah Finkelstein, a professor of physics.