headshot of sean winters
B2 Scholar in Residence

Sean Winters (h/h/h) is a lecturer for the Department of Critical Media Practices (CMCI), the College of Music, and the ATLAS Institute. Courses taught include Sound for XR, Recording & Acoustics, Composing at the Computer, Making Electronic Music, Music Theory for Non-Majors, Sonic Arts, Sonic Histories, and Immersive Audio & Ambisonics.

Sean is a spatial audio composer and sound-designer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, audiovisual artist, and hacker/technologist. Over the years, he's worked and collaborated on projects involving film/television, virtual reality, projection mapping, acoustic music ensembles, stereoscopic video, audio-reactive sculptures, circuit bending, interactive sound-art installations, and live spatial audio performances.

A nonstop collaborator, Sean has worked on projects in all of the studios at B2, and been involved with countless residencies in the Black Box Experimental Studio as sole author, collaborator, artistic technical director, live visual designer, spatial audio implementer, and recording engineer. In 2021 Sean created and produced the first edition of "40.4" -- an annual audio-forward intermedia sonic summit -- featuring a lineup of events focused around B2's state-of-the-art 44 channel spatial audio array. Visit www.40p4.org for more info.

Sean Winters holds a BFA in Integrative Music Studies from Concordia University in Montréal, a MM in Composing for Film from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and a DMA in Composition / Certificate in Emerging Technologies in Media Arts Practices from the University of Colorado at Boulder.