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Creative Technologist - Teacher


The Dawson School in Lafayette, CO is sharing a job opportunity for a Middle School Innovation and Technology Specialist that might be a great fit for a recent or soon-to-graduate ATLAS student.  The position includes teaching three middle school courses that revolve around getting students excited about exploring creativity and problem solving with technology. The position also includes a role as a technology advocate and support person for the rest of the middle school faculty. Finding someone comfortable with learning about a variety of new technologies and thinking creatively about how to apply those tools to a variety of subjects to support other teachers is also important.  The job was recently published and we are starting to review applications.  Direct any questions to Jeff Ellenbogen ( Jeff is a supporter of ATLAS and is friends with Zack Weaver.  He’d love to hire an ATLAS person!

 Here's a link to the official job posting:

Design Intern: Software Methodology Group

Part Time - Paid

We are seeking a talented individual that is skilled in digital design, graphic design, and video production. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite, animation techniques, and creative development and engineering. The time commitment for this role will vary week to week and can range from 5 to 20 hours per week, with some weeks potentially having no hours. Salary commensurate with experience.  The ideal candidate should possess the ability to complete designs quickly when requested.  Additionally, the candidate should be comfortable with PowerPoint and have a strong eye for making slides look good and being creative in their design.  To apply please send your resume with a cover letter/email to nilu@smgsvcs.comApply by 3/1!

Posted on 2/2/2023

Student Assistant: ATLAS Social Media

Part-time; 5-10 hours per week

The ATLAS Institute is hiring a student social media assistant.  Join our team!  This position would be responsible for developing, coordinating and posting content, particularly on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Ideal candidates will be familiar with ATLAS and its academic programs and interested in helping amplify awareness of activities in classrooms, studios, B2 and research labs. Responsibilities: develop and maintain a lively pipeline of posts that are shared 3-4 times per week; work with ATLAS staff to promote upcoming events; capture engaging ATLAS-in-action photos by roaming halls and visiting labs; tap images from archived ATLAS photos; write engaging captions that reflect ATLAS’s style and brand; and coordinate with communications staff.  If you’re passionate about social media (and ATLAS!), have a creative eye and some design skills and are interested in helping advance the institute’s mission and vision, please apply!  Ideally this position would start this spring and continue into the next academic year.  ATLAS CTD undergraduate and graduate students are especially encouraged to apply! For consideration, send an email with subject “Soc Media position” to, detailing your qualifications and why you’re interested. Links to online content you’ve developed for social media would be most helpful. Estimated 5-10 hrs/wk @ $15-20/hr.  Apply by Fri 2/3! 

Posted on 01/26/2023