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Global Sustainability Scholars (GSS)

GSS Fellows (Paid, graduate students)

GSS brings together the brightest young professionals from under-represented groups to work with leading scientists on critical sustainability challenges that will face communities and environments in the future. The program offers 10-week, paid professional development and research opportunities for graduate students who are interested in sustainability/environmental sciences. 

Responsibilities: Co-author a manuscript focused on Environmental Data Science (EDS). Contribute to educational research through generating research questions, data collection and analysis, literature review, collaborative text development, and data visualization. Participants will assist with program assessment and evaluation of the Earth Data Analytics - Foundations Professional Certificate, working with data collected from certificate students (2018-2023).

Skills: Participants will develop fundamental environmental data science skills in popular programming languages (R & Python), open science best practices (GitHub), surveying tools (Qualtrics), and statistical techniques including Rasch measurement to analyze Likert surveys. Word processing and ability to work in a collaborative team setting including the Google suite and Slack are desired.

Job Description and How to Apply

Posted on 11/14/2023

Fiske Planetarium

Exhibits Assistant (Paid, P/T)

At Fiske Planetarium we create innovative, immersive, and inclusive experiences to engage and inspire communities by connecting science, technology, and the arts, and it is our student staff who help make it all possible. From handling administrative work, to selling tickets, to leading live shows, to building exhibits, it’s a group of passionate and hard-working students like you that help us run our daily operations and connect with our audiences of learners, artists, scientists, technologists, and community leaders.  Fiske is currently accepting applications for student positions for an Exhibits Assistant. Apply here by Wednesday, September 27th at 11:59 pm. If you require additional time for any reason, then please email us. You must be a CU student to apply. The start dates for these positions are flexible, but nominally by October 5th and would continue for a year minimum. 

Detailed Job Description

Posted on 09/18/2023