Photo of Lila Finch

Lighting the way to science and art education

Aug. 10, 2017

Lila Finch's new workshop shows teachers how to help students embrace both art and technology.

Girl holding interactive toy

“Girls on Fire” ignites students’ coding passion

Aug. 8, 2017

At Girls on Fire summer camp, ICTD Graduate Student Kari Santos teaches middle school girls to write code and work with electronics.

Photo of Woman looking at 'are you me' mirror sculpture on Pearl Street

Michael Theodore’s “are you me” on the Pearl Street Mall

July 31, 2017

City of Boulder Arts and Culture Office exhibits Michael Theodore's kinetic sculpture "are you me" on the Pearl Street Mall.

Robot arm hovering above Earth.

Bridging the gap between space and terrestrial robotics

July 27, 2017

Researchers working on robots launched into space don’t often connect with those working on terrestrial robots, where the stakes are lower and the pace of innovation is faster.

Ellen Do

Ellen Do joins ATLAS faculty

July 26, 2017

Designer and computer scientist Ellen Yi-Luen Do will join CU Boulder’s ATLAS Institute and the Computer Science Department as a full professor this fall.

Kevin Hoth holding a cell phone in front of his eye, with a picture of his eye on the cell phone

Kevin Hoth’s photos in three summer shows

July 24, 2017

TAM Instructor Kevin Hoth's photographic works are being shown in exhibitions in Colorado and Texas.

CU Boulder's Seth Miller discusses disruptive technologies with USTTI participants in conference room.

Telecom Institute brings leaders from developing countries to ATLAS

July 24, 2017

Telecom professionals hear from U.S. governmental and industry leaders on best practices related to policy, technology, infrastructure and more.

Photo of Arielle Hein

"A New Way to Measure Time," TEDxMileHigh:Point of Departure

June 30, 2017

Watch ATLAS TAM Instructor Arielle Hein's talk, "A new way to measure time," delivered at TEDxMileHigh 2017: Point of Departure last summer.

Photo of Joel Swanson's Arts

Joel Swanson exhibits work at Venice Biennale

June 5, 2017

Assistant Professor Joel Swanson's work is part of an exhibition called Personal Structures at the Venice Biennale 2017, arguably the most important visual arts event on the planet.

Kristoff Klipfel wearing his piano gloves

No piano? No problem

June 1, 2017

All you need are ATLAS student Kristof Klipfel's musical gloves.