Assistant Professor Ben Shapiro helps a student.

ATLAS professor to keynote IEEE Symposium

Assistant Professor Ben Shapiro will be the keynote speaker for the IEEE Symposium in October.Read more »
HyunJoo Oh with paper mechatronics

Paper robots teach kids basic engineering principles

After winning an NSF grant for her Paper Mechatronics project, ATLAS PhD student HyunJoo Oh discusses how the work helps more students discover a passion for STEM fields.Read more »
Darren Guinness

Software framework turns small robots into controllers

ATLAS researchers have developed a software framework that enables developers who lack experience programming robots to repurpose off-the-shelf toy and educational devices to serve as input-output devices for desktop applications.Read more »
EPIC students in training

Outreach awards connect public schools to research and creative work

ATLAS Assistant Professor Ben Shapiro is a collaborator on two CU Boulder Outreach Awards for the 2017-18 school year, enabling work to move ahead on a pair of initiatives that connect research, teaching and creative work with education in Colorado public schools.Read more »
August Black thumbnail

Hear-Here—Radio by anyone and everyone

Hear-Here is a crowdsourced, crowd-directed electronic space where anything goes, as long as you can say it, sing it or play it in two seconds.Read more »
Joel Swanson , dressed in a white T-shirt, sits at his desk that has art supplies on it.

‘Sticks & Stones’: Art show explores the divisive language of today’s political discourse

ATLAS Assistant Professor Joel Swanson’s newest solo art exhibition Sticks & Stones is an exploration of the divisive language dominating contemporary political discourse.Read more »
Photo of Lila Finch

Lighting the way to science and art education

Lila Finch's new workshop shows teachers how to help students embrace both art and technology.Read more »
Kari Santos

“Girls on Fire” ignites students’ coding passion

At Girls on Fire summer camp, ICTD Graduate Student Kari Santos teaches middle school girls to write code and work with electronics.Read more »
Photo of Woman looking at 'are you me' mirror sculpture on Pearl Street

Michael Theodore’s “are you me” on the Pearl Street Mall

City of Boulder Arts and Culture Office exhibits Michael Theodore's kinetic sculpture "are you me" on the Pearl Street Mall.Read more »
Robot arm hovering above Earth.

Bridging the gap between space and terrestrial robotics

Researchers working on robots launched into space don’t often connect with those working on terrestrial robots, where the stakes are lower and the pace of innovation is faster.Read more »