Novel recorded forms of movement exploring female representation

by Narahin Shech

This work utilizes the TriCaster system in the Black Box Theater in order to capture aerial footage of a female subject and her movement (See 'Comp-2'). The movement ranges in expressiveness and speed, all the while conveying the subjectʼs uneasy internal states. Additionally, the black floor and aerial angle of the camera aids in creating a kind of optical tension, in which it is unclear whether the female subject is dancing on the ground or on a wall. This tension makes for a compelling reference to traditional representations of the female-qua-human experience of being (e.g., Charlotte Perkins Gilmanʼs The Yellow Wall-paper). For the residency, I propose to evolve this work into either (1) a multi-dancer live performance/projection piece or (2) a multi-body large-scale installation piece.


About the Artist

Naharin Shech

Naharin Shech is a multicultural artist and scholar using mixed-media art and interdisciplinary research to study disquieted mental states, concepts of femininity, and feminine identity. Her recent research and studio work looks to instill discomfort in the face of desire, beauty, and the feminine female body. She obtained her MFA in Imaging Arts, Photography, & Related Media from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing a PhD in Emergent Technologies and Media Art Practices from the University of Colorado Boulder.