Mary Yoder
Undergraduate Student
ATLAS Institute

Mary Yoder is an artist, passionate about character design and graphic design, but also looking to develop technical expertise. As an undergraduate student working on a Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) degree, she works as a research assistant in the Laboratory for Playful Computation on both the Pet Project and Luminous Science projects.



Annie Kelly, Christine Chang, Chris Hill, Mary West, Mary Yoder, Joseph Polman, Shaun Kane, Michael Eisenberg, and R. Benjamin Shapiro. 2020. “Our Dog Probably Thinks Christmas Is Really Boring”: Re-mediating Science Education for Feminist-inspired Inquiry. ICLS 2020:  Proceedings of the 15th International Conference of the Learning Sciences.10.22318/icls2020.935 (Nashville, Tennessee (virtual)–June 19-23 2020). pdf