Post Graduate Employment: Adjunct Faculty, University of New Mexico; Research Associate, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

Prior Degree: MA, Journalism 

MS Focus Interest: How Native Americans use and navigate the internet and use mobile technology.

MS Courses Taken in the Program 

Core classes:

  • Case Studies
  • Global Development
  • Fieldwork Methods
  • ICTD Laboratory

Elective classes:

  • Exploration in Anthro
  • Authentic Leadership
  • International Deployment Broadband
  • Content Management Systems
  • Intro to Virtual Reality
  • Engineering Management: Leading Oneself

ICTD Practicum Project: How Native Americans use mobile technology

  • Problem = Mobile app usage among Native Americans
  • Focus = Data Systems 
  • Goal = Creating an open-source data repository at The University of New Mexico to support Indigenous language apps.