Joseph Kerski
Industry Mentor • Geographer • Educator • GIS Professional

Joseph Kerski is a geographer with a focus on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in education. He has served as the President of the National Council for Geographic Education and has given 2 TED Talks on “The Whys of Where”.

He holds 3 degrees in geography (BA, MA, PhD) and has served as geographer in 4 sectors of society, including government (NOAA, US Census Bureau, USGS), academia (University of Minnesota, Harrisburg Area Community College, Penn State University, Sinte Gleska University, University of Denver, others), private industry (as Education Manager for Esri), and nonprofit organizations (with roles in geography and education associations).

Joseph has authored over 75 chapters and articles on GIS, education, 40 podcasts, and related topics, and visits 35 universities annually. He conducts professional development for educators. He has created over 5,200 videos, 750 lessons, 1,000 blog essays, and authored 8 books, including Interpreting Our World, Spatial Thinking in Environmental Contexts, Essentials of the Environment, Spatial Mathematics, Tribal GIS, International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning, and the GIS Guide to Public Domain Data. But as a lifelong learner, he feels as though he’s just getting started and thus actively seeks mentors, partners, and collaborators.