Photo of Jean Hertzberg
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Jean Hertzberg is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, where she has worked since 1991. She teaches fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, experimental techniques and design to graduate and undergraduate students. She maintains a small, student-focused research program, supervising 15 PhDs, 23 masters, and 150 undergraduates over the years. Her research is generally human-scale experimental fluid physics, ranging from combustion to cardiac hemodynamics, and always features some type of flow or data visualization.  She favors collaboration with and empowerment of research students, the small program enabling her to spend time with students individually. Since 2006, she has been active in faculty development and CU Boulder’s excellent disciplinary-based education research (DBER) community, which has cultivated her interest in the science of teaching and learning, particularly in the sciences and engineering.