Ishita Dey sits in front of foggy mountains
Creative Industries Master's Student
ATLAS Institute

Ishita Dey is an innovative and self-driven individual who likes to work on stimulating projects. As a designer, she highly values the ability to bring an idea or a vision to life, which she aims to master through the CTD program.  Through CTD, she also hopes to learn the principles of product design that will equip her to create goods that reduce the carbon footprint, be environmentally friendly and implement methods that make learning accessible and adaptable for all. Ishita says her greatest achievement was building Omniversity (ed-tech platform) to upskill youth through hands-on skill development. After graduating, Ishita aims to deep dive into product design in technologies such as AR/VR and haptic technology to design products that are safer and more useful while being functional. In her spare time Ishita enjoys cooking, playing tennis and spending time with her dog. Fun fact: Because her father was transferred often through his job,  Ishita attended seven schools throughout India.


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