Graham Stewart
Social Impact Master's Student
ATLAS Institute

Graham Stewart intended to just audit a few technical and art classes at CU Boulder, but after attending the Whaaat!? Festival, he realized that the MS-CTD program combined nearly everything he had been searching for.  Graham is most interested in what he calls the “unknown unknowns."  "I'm excited to learn the things that I’m not even aware that I don’t know,"  he says. Upon finishing his graduate studies, he plans to find a role where he can use technology to make a social or environmental impact. Graham recently entered three photographs into an art show celebrating Longmont’s sesquicentennial and sold them all as well as an additional copy.  "As a relatively recent transplant it’s exciting to have made work that resonates with so many people," he says. Graham also completed the Boulder Reservoir Polar Plunge twice dressed as Princess Leia, and twice declined to give the Daily Camera his name "lest it be the first search result for me."