Thank you for your interest in supporting ATLAS. Our students have unique educational opportunities, and when we partner with private donors, we are able to make those opportunities even more effective. No matter the amount, we are grateful and it will make a difference.  

ATLAS Director's Fund

Give Now  To provide funds used at the discretion of the ATLAS Institute Director to support innovative programmatic initiatives.

ATLAS Undergraduate TAM Program Fund

Give Now  To provide programmatic support, including faculty, equipment, and innovative curricular initiatives for the undergraduate Technology, Arts and Media program.

Pat Hatfield and Jill Dupré Endowed ATLAS Scholarship  Fund

Give Now  To provide support for graduate students enrolled in academic programs in the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

ATLAS Graduate Program Fund

Give Now  To provide support for ATLAS Master and PhD programs. Support includes tuition, stipends, research, professional development, conferences, travel, events and recruitment.

ATLAS BTU Lab Hackerspace Program Fund

Give Now  To provide discretionary program funding for activities in the ATLAS BTU Lab/Hackerspace.

Center For Media, Arts and Performance Fund

Give Now  To provide support for the Center for Media, Arts and Performance (CMAP) including programs and performances, operations, and/or equipment.