danny rankin at tedxmilehigh

Subversion by design: Danny Rankin's TEDxMileHigh talk

Feb. 27, 2020

"To the powerful, to anyone who hides behind a brand, be warned: We know what fonts you use. We've read your brand guidelines. And if you won't tell the truth, we'll steal your voice and tell it for you." These are the words ATLAS Instructor Danny Rankin ended his TEDxMileHigh talk with on Nov. 16, 2019, and they were met with enthusiastic and prolonged applause.

Two people look at computer screen

ATLAS workshops forge alliances between performers and technologists

Feb. 18, 2020

A series of free workshops designed to help musicians and technologists collaborate were offered by CU Boulder’s ATLAS Institute during the spring semester, connecting those interested in music technology with faculty and students from ATLAS, CMCI and the College of Music.

woman attending t9hackathon

T9Hacks 2020 winners announced

Feb. 18, 2020

More than 150 people attended the fifth annual T9Hacks on February 7–8, 2020, at the ATLAS Institute. Eighteen projects were submitted and eight winners selected by a panel of judges that included ATLAS faculty members Sheiva Rezvani, Sharri Zamore and Camilla Friedman-Gerlicz; TAM alumnae Andrea Devore and Laney Winkler; and engineers from sponsors Strava, Splunk and Twitter.

Photo of Michelle Galetti surrounded by blackness

"Suddenly Silent": Coloradan interview with CTD student Michelle Galetti

Feb. 5, 2020

Michelle Galetti had good reason to leave college. She chose to stay.

LiftTiles in motion

LiftTiles: Actuator-based building blocks for shape-changing interfaces

Jan. 28, 2020

CU Boulder PhD candidate and ATLAS THING Lab member Ryo Suzuki recently developed LiftTiles—room-scale, actuator-based building blocks that pave the way for a new generation of shape-changing interfaces.

Fabric and conductive fibers

Creative collaborations with machines

Jan. 8, 2020

In this cover article in ACM "Interactions" magazine, Assistant Professor Laura Devendorf and associated researchers propose a new kind of digital craftsmanship, one "in which we may craft with the digital and find ways to make the machines craft along with us, in some kind of digital crafts-machine-ship."

Mirela Alistar talks to students in her Personal Biochips class.

Living Matter Lab pioneers technologies that move medical diagnostics from lab to home

Nov. 18, 2019

Making healthcare more affordable, effective and personal is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Directed by Assistant Professor Mirela Alistar, the Living Matter Lab is rising to that challenge.

Photo of Alan Kay speaking at ATLAS

Alan Kay, early visionary of computer science, speaks at ATLAS

Nov. 11, 2019

It's difficult to overstate CU alumnus Alan Kay's influence on our modern digital landscape. Recruited to work at Xerox PARC the year it opened, Kay helped invent graphical user interfaces (GUIs), object-oriented programming and the first laptop. On November 11, after spending the day in ATLAS visiting labs and talking with faculty and students, Kay packed Cofrin Auditorium for a talk on polymaths and invention.

Screenshot of CBS video featuring @ sign projection on building

CBS Denver interviews ATLAS assistant professor and artist Joel Swanson about the 10-story art projection on Daniels and Fisher Tower in downtown Denver

Nov. 6, 2019

“It hit a really sweet spot," says Swanson. "It's subtle, and it’s all black and white, which resonates with my practice, but it’s also visually appealing enough where people walking down the street would be interested to stop and see more."

ellen do on stage

Ellen Do speaks about ATLAS at China's largest gathering of tech enthusiasts

Oct. 15, 2019

On Sept. 25, ATLAS Professor Ellen Do spoke at the Apsara Conference 2019, one of the largest annual gatherings of developers and tech enthusiasts in China. Her talk, "Creating Magic with Digital Design & Making," was in part an overview of the ATLAS Institute.