Before you use the new ATLAS identity system to represent the institute in any way, please read the ATLAS Standards Manual.

Below you'll find related assets/templates. If you have any questions about how to use the new identity system, or you need to request an asset not currently on this webpage, please email

ATLAS Wordmark Generator

Thanks to ATLAS PhD graduate Clement Zheng, we offer an ATLAS wordmark generator, able to render any one of the 666 possible variants.
Important: Per CU Boulder brand guidelines, the ATLAS wordmark must always be used in conjunction with a CU Boulder logo (either CU Boulder only, or College of Engineering and Applied Science). Neglecting to do this undermines our right to use the ATLAS wordmark at all, so please be diligent about doing this, even when it seems awkward. 


  1. Click on the link below to open the wordmark selector.

  2. Use the left and right arrows to design your preferred ATLAS wordmark.

  3. Right click on "download SVG: Right-Click>save as" and click on "save link as". 

Create ATLAS wordmark

ATLAS and CU Boulder Logo PNGs

Logos can be downloaded from the Logos & Graphics Google Drive folder.

Neue Haas Grotesk is used in the ATLAS VIS (visual identity system) to set all supporting type across all printed collateral. Adobe Typekit offers a version of Neue Haas Grotesk; download this font if you plan to create any of the below.

There is currently one option for ATLAS Institute letterhead available for use by ATLAS employees in two formats: 

Google Docs MS Word

Note: When using the letterhead, the preferred font is Neue Haas Grotesk font, available on Adobe Typekit. If you do not have access to Adobe Typekit, use Helvetica Neue.

Poster templates are provided as InDesign files. Since these files are linked to other files, download the Links folder in addition to the design file.

This Google Slides presentation provides a variety of slide formats with ATLAS branding. Download and customize content as you wish. 

This Keynote presentation includes a variety of slide templates for different page formats. It functions a little differently than a normal Keynote you are creating from scratch. After downloading the file and opening it, click the plus sign to select one of the various slide formats. For more detailed instructions, expand the content below. 

1. Download the Keynote template file.

2. Open the file. Your deck will start with one slide in it. It will look like this:

Photo of keynote presentation slides

Keynote wants to open with at least one slide. You can keep this slide in your deck for now, or you can delete it. If you want to use this template, replace the image and text with image and text of your own.

Photo of keynote presentation slides

3. Use the + (Add a Slide) button to reveal the set of master slide templates:

Photo of keynote presentation slides

4. Choose the slide template you want to use.  It will add to your deck:

Photo of keynote presentation slides

5. Now click on the photo. There is an option to “Replace” the image. Click Replace, select the image you would like and click Open. 

Photo of keynote presentation slides

6. To change the size or move the image, simply double-click the image. When you are finished, click anywhere outside of the image or select “Done”.

Photo of keynote presentation slides

Simply pick a variation of the email signature from this Google Doc and copy-paste it into your email signature field. If you would like to use a different logo, there are many variations at the bottom of the Doc that can also be copy-pasted.

ATLAS has video assets for both the intro and outro, please use both.
Note: These come in black on a white background and white on black background. If you are able to use .mogrt files (requires Adobe After Effects and video editing software), you are welcome to use these to have an intro without a background.

ATLAS Zoom backgrounds: Download any or all of the five options below, including four static images below, as well as a video of a n A bouncing around a screen Pong-style video that can be used as Zoom backgrounds. Click on an image below to view (and download) Zoom backgrounds on Google Drive.


Black screen with A


ATLAS White Zoom Background design

ATLAS White Zoom Background design

ATLAS Black Zoom Background design

ATLAS Black Zoom Background design