Faculty should make it a priority to grade student work in a timely manner. The grading guideline is 1 week for small assignments and 2 weeks for larger projects. This will provide students timely feedback on their progress in the class throughout the semester. Faculty should use Canvas so that students can easily find all the class information including assignments and up-to-date grades.

Final Exam periods are listed on myCuInfo http://mycuinfo.colorado.edu. University Policy states that you must use the Final Exam Period. As many of our courses are studio based, faculty members often hold final project critiques during the final exam period. Please familiarize yourself with the University Final Exam Policy: http://www.colorado.edu/policies/final_exam.html.

Final grading happens online through myCuInfo http://mycuinfo.colorado.edu. Grades are due within 72 hours of your courses’ Final Exam Period.

Students have the right to access their grades during any time during the semester. Due to the popularity of e-learning solutions, many students have the reasonable expectation that their grades will be accessible online. Faculty are highly encouraged to make Canvas a part of their interaction with the students.

Extra Credit Policy: In any given course, the combined maximum benefit of extra credit should be limited to one letter step (e.g. B+ to A-, C- to C). Extra Credit is a useful tool when used in moderation (to make up for an absence, a missed lab, etc.), but it should not be used in place of a student exhibiting mastery in the subject matter of a course. Extra credit assignments should directly relate to the content and practices of the course.

Letter GPA Percentage
A 4 94% to 100%
A- 3.7 90% to < 94%
B+ 3.3 87% to < 90%
B 3 83% to < 87%
B- 2.7 80% to < 83%
C+ 2.3 77% to < 80%
C 2 73% to < 77%
C- 1.7 70% to < 73%
D+ 1.3 67% to < 70%
D 1 63% to < 67%
D- 0.7 60% to < 63%
F 0 0% to < 60%

To avoid grade inflation, we recommend using the following scale when evaluating coursework:

A = excellent work
B = above average work 
C= average or competent work
D = below average work
F = unsatisfactory work

Instructors should keep all exams and quizzes (and other forms of student evaluation) for a minimum of one semester in the event that a student files a grievance. After this period all exams should be shredded to protect student privacy. Do not throw quizzes or exams away without shredding.