The ATLAS Institute uses the following email lists to communicate with faculty, staff and students. These lists are built based on official rosters. If you are not receiving messages that you know were sent to a group to which you belong, email To post to a list, you must be subscribed to that list, and your message must come directly from the listed account. (Sending from another account using "send-as" functionality that matches the subscribed email address doesn't work.) Recipients 
atlas-faculty All ATLAS faculty (lecturers, instructors, tenure-track faculty & staff) teaching in current semester
atlas-fulltime-fac Full-time faculty only (instructors and tenure-track faculty)
atlas-tenureline-fac Tenure-track faculty only
atlas-teaching-faculty Instructors & Senior Instructors (now Assistant and Associate Teaching Professors)
atlas-affil-fac faculty members affiliated with ATLAS
atlas-staff all members of atlas staff (not including faculty)
ctd-min Minor and Certificate  students in the ATLAS Creative Technology & Design program
ctd-bs Bachelor of Science students in the ATLAS Creative Technology & Design program
ctd-ms      Master of Science students in the ATLAS Creative Technology & Design program
ctd-phd PhD students in the ATLAS Creative Technology & Design program
atlas-affil-studs Students (and post-docs) who work with ATLAS faculty but are not ATLAS graduate students
atlas_btu_lab Members of the ATLAS Blow Things Up Lab
atlas-fellows Faculty fellows of the ATLAS Institute


CU faculty, staff and students interested in the B2 Center for Media, Arts & Technology