David Schaal
Teaching Associate Professor • Sound Audio Frequency Lab • SOUND DESIGN • UNIVERSAL DESIGN

ATLS 201
ATLAS 225E (Sound Audio Frequency Lab) 

David Schaal is a teaching associate professor and lead multimedia instructor for the ATLAS Institute and has developed and taught Creative Technology and Design (CTD) courses, formerly Technology Arts & Media (TAM), since the institute's founding in 1998, and has the distinction of being the first ATLAS faculty hire. He is the director of the Sound Audio Frequency Lab and teaches the sound, interactive sound and sound lab courses for the CTD program.

David is interested in all aspects of sound technology, sound design, accessible technology, and universal design. Always embracing interdisciplinary methodology, David combined his undergraduate double degrees in Fine Art (BFA) and Psychology into a Magna Cum Laude honors thesis and holds a MFA terminal degree in integrated art by combining art and technology. His digital art has been exhibited nationally and internationally.  He currently serves on the board for the Center for Media, Arts and Performance (CMAP) and is the faculty sponsor for the Music Production Club (MPC). He has previously served on the board for International Cities of Advanced Sound (ICAS) and was the education director for the Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts (CMKY). David enjoys being part of the Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology (BEAT) and Rocky Mountain Synth communities and is a beta tester for Ableton and Max.