Daniel Koris with a sun hat.
BS Comp Sci '21
Computer Science

Dan Koris is entering his senior year at CU Boulder majoring in computer science. Before transferring to CU, he graduated with an Associate in Science from Durham Technical Community College in North Carolina. There he participated in several extracurricular activities, such as NASA's Swarmathon, a robotics competition, and LA Space Grant's High Altitude Student Platform, a high-altitude balloon payload program. Dan has spent the past three years at NASA's Exploration & In Space Servicing division (NeXIS), both remotely during the school year and in person during the summer, as a flight software intern, helping develop and proof technologies for NASA's On Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing mission (OSAM-1). He is keenly interested in robotics and gaming, which pair nicely with his passion for programming and DevOps. Dan is currently combining all these interests to investigate the use of gaming engines as simulators for testing environments that have no, or challenging, Earth analogues, like the moon.

In his free time, you'll find Dan managing and developing for a small private gaming community where he likes to learn and test new DevOps techniques and programming approaches, or out for a walk with his dog and his fiancée. 

For more information about Dan, view his LinkedIn page. Alumni pages are not always updated after graduation.​