Cyborg Crafts: Vibrotactile Tongue Vision (VTTV) open-source programmable tongue display unit (TDU)  augments visual and auditory experiences through haptic feedback. VTTV is designed to be low floor and wide walls, enabling those without embedded systems skills to fabricate a TDU, controller and craft-tactile experiences easily. The project was recently accepted to the IEEE World Haptic Student Innovation Challenge.

About Cyborg Crafts
Cyborg Crafts is a student-organized collaborative group comprised of five graduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder's ATLAS Institute. Our group explores both what’s on our minds and in our bodies. This approach challenges us to explore and integrate what are often seen as opposing themes: synthetic/organic, research/maker and craft/engineering. Cyborg Crafts’ researchers are committed to developing open-source, accessible projects to promote human augmentation. We take a craft approach to design, and our focus is on easily sourced materials and replicable documentation. All of this translates to hackable projects that can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced engineers.