ICTD student Barbara MacFerrin used photography, video and audio technology to support research on the efficacy of various approaches to communicating the impact of climate change. (Please note: This video currently lacks closed captions. If you need closed captions, please check back after 10/4/2017. We apologize for any inconvenience.)


About the Expedition to Churchill, Alaska

Beyond Boulder: Students video polar bears to teach about climate change

Graduate student Barbara MacFerrin had never seen a bear in the wild in Colorado. In November, she went to the Arctic and saw a dozen polar bears. >>more


Outcome of MacFerrin's Expedition to Churchill, Alaska

Arctic Feedbacks

This peer-reviewed educational video introduces feedbacks that are important in the Arctic climate system.


Unique Polar Processes

This peer-reviewed educational video describes sea ice and land ice processes that are unique to polar regions. It is aimed at an undergraduate non-science major level. The video was produced by a team of CIRES scientists in collaboration with CIRES Education and Outreach.