Calvin C. Pohawpatchoko Jr.
PhD, Technology, Media & Society ‘18
ATLAS Institute

Calvin C. Pohawpatchoko Jr. is a member of the Numunu People (Comanche Tribe) from the Quahada (Antelope) clan. He has a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma; a Master of Science in computer information systems from Regis University, Denver; and has done doctoral studies in educational technology at the University of Northern Colorado and computer science at Colorado School of Mines as a GK-12 Fellow. He also worked for 25 years in the IT industry. Calvin serves on the Navajo Technology University engineering board and has served on University of Colorado Multi-Cultural Engineering Program Advisory Council and with the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE). His research applies cultural constructionism in computing, commerce, emerging economies and building human intellectual capital through educational research for indigenous people. His advisor is Clayton Lewis, a computer science professor.

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Calvin Pohawpatchoko, Chip Colwell,  Jami Powell, Jerry Lassos. 2016. Developing a Native Digital Voice: Technology and Inclusivity in Museums. Journal of the Council for Museum Anthropology, Wiley and Sons.