Graduate Creative Fellows

Anna Pillot


MFA Candidate in Dance

dance collaboration for your next project, aerial arts, trail running, plants, and podcasts! I’m also curious about the creation of immersive performance experiences using heart rate data to create lighting, sound, and projection changes.

Find me in B2 on Thursdays from 3:45 - 5:45pm or at

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Instagram @annakpillot

Photo by Elliot Whitehead

Andy DiLallo


MFA Arts Practice in Digital Art; Art and Art History Department

sound design, but my projects often include interactivity across the audiovisual spectrum, particularly relating to our experience as digitally augmented selves –part body, part cloud. I’m curious about utilizing technology as a restorative practice and all the complexity that inevitably follows that curiosity. I enjoy the collaborative process of bringing these ideas to life and crafting speculative worlds with other artists and creators. Reach out when you need help with the spatial and interactive audio or projection-mapping capabilities of B2.

Find me in B2 on Tuesdays from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm.

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Sasha de Koninck


Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance PhD

Textiles, Costumes, Wearables+eTextiles

Find me in B2 on Tuesdays from 10:00 am -12:00 pm or at

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Brad Gallagher


Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance PhD

Interfacing motion capture with spatial sound, video projection, visualization, and intelligent lighting. The concept of sympoiesis or “making-with.” How to employ compromise and submission as active modes of collaboration with human and non-human actors to “plate” artistic work in the Black Box. How movement functions as materiality that generates complexity, creativity, and cognition.

Find me in B2 on Wednesdays, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm or at

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B2 Staff

Photo of Ondine Geary dancing in an industrial setting
Ondine Geary
Managing Director, B2 Center for Media, Arts and Performance
Bret Mann
Bret Mann
Technical Manager and Broadcast Engineer
Chris Petillo
Chris Petillo
Audio Engineer & Production Manager
ATLAS Institute

Scholars in Residence

headshot of sean winters
Sean Winters
B2 Scholar in Residence

Apply to become an ATLAS B2 Graduate Creative Fellow

Do you have expertise in any of these areas, as they relate to performance: sound/spatial array, motion capture, choreography/liveness, or video/greenscreen? Are you familiar with the technologies/resources in the ATLAS B2 Center for Media, Arts & Performance? Do you enjoy brainstorming and supporting others in collaboration?  Read more below to join a small cohort of interdisciplinary artists & researchers who anchor the creative community and serve as a primary resource for others. 


As a fellow, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Expand your skills and practice in interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Engage in creative placemaking & community building
  • Advise and brainstorm with others from the unique knowledge, skills and perspective of your “home discipline” or domaine 
  • Broaden your creative network and knowledge of other practices 
  • Make a home for yourself and your work in the B2

B2 will provide you with:

  • $500 honorarium per semester
  • An orientation to the space and equipment in support independent access and use
  • A small locker for your personal items/research equipment
  • Dedicated time in the B2 for personal research

  • Attend 2-hr orientation sessions in August and January
  • Be on call to assist with two B2 public events
  • Assist the faculty director with outside residents (liaison, administration, technical, creative, etc)
  • Together or independently, produce one to two events for the community each semester; the goal of these events is to bring creative residents & community together to meet, learn, and encourage collaboration. Events can be anything that achieves this!--workshop, artist talk, social hour, collaborative project, etc
  • Be ambassadors for B2 in your home departments and in the creative community–promote and attend B2 events, help establish positive relationships across campus and in the community, advise B2 on ways to improve, grow, etc 

  • Applicants must be enrolled as graduate students at CU Boulder for the timeframe of the next academic year.
  • Applicants must have expertise and an ability to advise/support others in one or more of the following areas, as it pertains to live performance:
    • Body-based performance 
    • Spatial array/immersive sound design
    • Motion capture 
    • Video, projection or green screen
  • Applicants must be interested in community-building/creative placemaking, and as such, must have a commitment to equity and practices of inclusion

Please send a resume and letter of interest to Introduce yourself and your practice. Explain how this fellowship would support your creative/research goals. Describe your experience and expertise in the following:
  • Specific technologies/resources in the B2
  • Collaboration and/or teaching your domaine
  • Community-building

Please also send a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

A committee will review all applications and make recommendations after July 15, 2023.