The B2 Center for Media, Arts and Performance benefits from the loyal support and counsel of this advisory committee:

John Boggs, Doctoral Student, Music

Iain Court, Professor, Theater & Dance

Marcia Douglas, Associate Professor, English

Jill Dupré, Associate Director, ATLAS Institute

Françoise Soulé Zinsou Duressé, Associate Professor, Art & Art History

Steven Frost, Instructor, Media Studies

John Gunther, Associate Professor, Music

Laura Kim, Doctoral Student, Intermedia, Art, Writing and Performance

Daniel Leithinger, Assistant Professor, ATLAS Institute and Computer Science

rick h m, Master's student, Theater & Dance

Orit Peleg, Assistant Profesor, BioFrontiers Institute and Computer Science

Jeanne Quinn, Professor, Art & Art History

Erika Randall, Professor, Theater & Dance

Teri Rueb, Professor, Critical Media Practices

Laura Ann Samuelson, Master's student, Theater & Dance

Kelly Sears, Assistant Professor, Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts

Kevin Sweet, Doctoral Student, Critical Media Practices

Mary West, Doctoral student, Computer Science

Sean Winters, Doctoral student, Music

Shaz Zamore, STEM Outreach Coordinator and Instructor, ATLAS Institute