Aubrey Shick
Research Affiliate
ATLAS Institute

Aubrey Shick is a product designer and researcher, specializing in socially assistive agents (robotics, AI, VR; Romibo, Moxie, PEERbots), wearable computing (garments and glasses; JetPro, Vaunt- P acquired by Google) and medical devices. Past roles include head of human-robot Interaction and UX at Embodied, product user experience lead at Intel, and senior human factors design engineer at Medtronic. She consults digital health and consumer devices, serves as head of technology and research at Fine Art Miracles, Inc., and as executive director of PEERbots, a software nonprofit providing free tools to support therapy and education for social, emotional and developmental challenges. Aubrey studied at Carnegie Mellon University, earning degrees in industrial design, human-computer interaction and working as a design researcher in the Robotics Institute.



  • Saad Elbeleidy, Daniel Rosen, Dan Liu, Aubrey Shick and Tom Williams. 2021. Analyzing Teleoperation Interface Usage of Robots in Therapy for Children with Autism. In Proceedings of the ACM Interaction Design and Children 2021. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 11 pages. (Athens, Greece–June 26–30, 2021). .pdf