Friday, October 20, 2023 (3:00-5:00 PM)

Research & Innovation Week 2023 logoFree for everyone!

One of twelve institutes at CU Boulder, ATLAS is home to researchers who transcend traditional disciplinary structures of engineering, design, science and art to inspire new realms of invention. We make tangible and digital tools and methods that shape how people interact with the world for a more inclusive, inspired and sustainable society.

The 7th annual ATLAS Institute Research Open House is your time to get a first-hand view of the diverse and intriguing research, design and creative projects our lab teams are engaged in. This event is part of Research & Innovation Week, a celebration and showcase of research, scholarship and creative works at CU Boulder.


  • 3:00 - 4:30 PM -- Explore ATLAS research labs at your own pace
  • 4:30 PM -- Come down to ATLS 100 to hear institute director, Mark D Gross, speak about the future of ATLAS research
  • 5:00 PM -- Stick around for snacks and mingling with fellow ATLAS community members

Come explore:

  • Lab and studio tours
  • Demos and interactive technology
  • Novel ideas and radical creativity

PhD students testing software at Research Open HouseDozens of projects including:

  • Textile design and fabrication
  • Open-source tools supporting collaboration across arts and engineering
  • Nanoscale technologies for use in health, energy, sensory augmentation and self-expression
  • Creative work and research related to the technologies of language
  • Computational tools for design, creativity, cognition, and tangible and embedded interaction
  • Computing for health and wellness
  • Shape-changing materials, novel sensors and unique design methods to make digital information tangible
  • Digital fabrication technology, tools, and techniques
  • Digital microfluidic biochips to help people do their own diagnostic tests
  • DIY bioreactors and bioplastics
  • New music technologies combining EEG (brainwave data) and other physiological measurement techniques
  • Visual arts, design and performance

Get involved: Introduce yourself to a thriving community of interdisciplinary researchers, creative technologists, artists and inventors who seek inspired conversation and surprising collaborations.

Learn more: Check out complete details on ATLAS labs and the projects they are working on.

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