When: Friday, October 21, 2022;  3–5 p.m.

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Part of CU Boulders Research and Innovation Week, the 6th annual ATLAS Institute Research Open House shares the diverse and intriguing work of the organization's eight research labs in a power-packed, two-hour public showcase. Arrive early and plan your visit if you want to see the full spectrum of radical creativity and design on offer.

What to expect:

  • Lab and studio tours
  • Demos and interactive technology
  • Engaging, original ideas

A sampling of projects:

  • A brain-body performance combining flute and electronic music improvisation derived from sonified electroencephalogram (EEG) brainwave data
  • Social interaction in hybrid reality with phones and other devices
  • Paper robot building kits
  • A parametric design tool for complex weaving
  • Holographic (Pepper's Ghost) avatar drumming
  • A sampling of works by Joel Swanson from a recent solo exhibition
  • Textile fibers spun from biomaterial solutions
  • Mini game arcades with custom controllers made from cardboard and everyday household material
  • A sampling of creative computing tools, including a coding app, drawing machines, light boxes and more.

Interested in doing similar work? Don't be shy! This is your chance to introduce yourself to a thriving community of interdisciplinary researchers, creative technologists, artists and inventors who are always on the lookout for interesting collaborations.

Free and open to all. 

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