Arielle Hein in a black sweater
Director of Undergraduate Programs • Instructor • HCI, INTERACTION DESIGN, ART

ATLS 201

Fall 2020 Office Hours: By Appointment

Arielle Hein is a designer and technologist whose work explores the imaginative use of emerging technologies with a focus on user research, interfaces, and experience design. Drawing on an interdisciplinary background and a research-based creative practice, Arielle is curious about the human side of technology and how to build products and spaces that honor and enrich the social and physical experience. As an educator, Arielle is passionate about fostering out-of-the-box thinking and empowering students to be active creators of technology through the exploration of interactive systems and the use of digital tools. Arielle completed her graduate studies at New York University's ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) and holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a minor in Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) from the University of Colorado Boulder.