Anthony Pinter
ATLAS Institute

Anthony T. Pinter (he/him/his) is a teaching assistant professor in the ATLAS Institute. He teaches courses in the Creative Technology & Design program on web development, computational thinking and programming, and how data represents us, our lives and the worlds around us. Anthony completed his PhD in information science from CU Boulder, where he worked with Jed Brubaker and the Identity Lab. He maintains a loose affiliation with the Identity Lab, continuing his work on digital identity during and after life transitions. He specifically focuses on how romantic relationships and their ends are represented by data in social media, how those representations can become outdated and how people manage their data to create new online identities. More recently, Anthony has been focused on exploring the connection between music, memory and emotions (again, in the context of break-ups), with an eye towards identifying design suggestions to improve people's experiences online after experiencing a break-up. Prior to CU Boulder, Anthony completed his MS and BS from Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology.  Outside of ATLAS, he like clipping his feet into things—namely skis and bikes—and exploring the Colorado outdoors.