Andrea Chamorro
BS Comp Sci '21
Computer Science

Andrea Chamorro is pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science and a minor in business, and she is passionate about mindful design. Her past experiences include researching electronic input design through the Mindscribe project and researching automated documentation under Laura Moreno in the computer science department at Colorado State University. Additionally, Andrea has worked as a freelancer in web development and graphic design, and she is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship. With a soft spot for spreading STEM education into the youngest populations, she has started LEGO robotics programs in her city, and continues to host experiences for tech to pre-college students through the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers in Boulder.

She continues to draw inspiration from sci-fi movies such as "The Matrix," "Bladerunner 2049" and "Avatar" as to how technology can enhance the human experience in ways that till now have seemed to be only fantasy.

For more information about Andrea, view her LinkedIn page. Alumni pages are not always updated after graduation.​