Aarjav Chauhan
MS, TMS—Information and Communication Technology for Development '21
ATLAS Institute

Aarjav's interests are in global development, the digital divide within communities, altruism/good in tech and the technological biases prevalent throughout society. Born in Palampur in the foothills of the Himalayas, half of Aarjav's education has been in India and the other half in the United States, allowing him to observe education from different perspectives. Aarjav completed a Bachelor of Science in computer science at the University of Nebraska Omaha. During his undergraduate studies in Omaha, he introduced elementary and middle school children to programming and web development through summer school and after-school programs, and he also researched analytics in a collaborative video education environment. Currently at CU Boulder, Aarjav is a member of the Philanthropic Informatics Lab with Dr. Amy Voida where he’s researching visualizing altruistic online behaviours of users. 

For more information about Aarjav, view his LinkedIn page. Alumni pages are not always updated after graduation.​



  • Kearney Newman, Ricky Marton, Janice Higuera, Aarjav Chauhan, Rona Sadan & Heather Underwood. 2020. Designing for Women: Radio-Based Seed Saving Education for Widowed Female Farmers in India. In Proceedings of the IEEE Global Humanitarian and Technology Conference (Seattle, Washington (hybrid/virtual)–Oct. 29, 2020). DOI: 10.1109/GHTC46280.2020.9342955.