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If you go

Who: All are welcome

What: ATLAS Expo

When: Thursday, May 4, 2023, 4–6p.m.

Where: Roser ATLAS Center, 1125 18th St., Boulder

Cost: Free! 

ATLAS Expo is back and, with over 120 student research projects included, it promises to be the biggest and most exciting Expo we’ve ever had.

This annual event highlights innovative work by graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science studying Creative Technology and Design (CTD). Those attending the event can go hands-on with a rich array of games, interactive experiences, art installations, electronics and more.

Radical creativity and invention are the key concepts that bond the ATLAS community. It’s a place where engineering, computer science and design meet art and expression—all of which will be on full display at Expo this year. 

“As engineers and designers, we’re often heads-down in research. Expo is always exciting because our research labs and CTD students get a chance to show off the brilliant work they have been immersed in all year,” said Mark Gross, ATLAS Director.

From practical solutions to immersive experiences, ATLAS students will showcase a staggering range of concepts at Expo. Here is a small sample of what to expect:

  • Scopaesthesia by Miles Lewis, Logan Turner and Sam Lippincott — An interactive installation featuring animatronic eyes powered by computer vision to merge the effects of scopaesthesia induced by human eyes with an awareness of digital surveillance.

  • Solar Stones by Kai Hughes, Chris Gaines and Caileigh Hudson — 3D tactile replications of stellar rock carvings made by the Ancient Puebloan people in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, developed in collaboration with NASA's PUNCH team and FISKE planetarium. 

  • The Rental Set by Annika Mctamaney — An open-source project using CNC technology to help renters own stylish, hardware-free furniture that is easy to move homes with and fun to create. 

  • Storm Drain by Timon Hume — An atmospheric game level that takes the player deep inside a maze of dark pipes where they try to survive long enough to retrieve something valuable that has been washed away.

  • Notes on Growing by Brie Musser, Riley Meere and Zander Gilbert) — An interactive audiovisual experience designed for students to meditate on the time and effort they put into their college career and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

  • HookBook by Ryan Monteleone and Tomas Garcia — A mobile-first web application designed for fishermen that makes logging personal catches & accessing lake reports, efficient and simple. 

  • A Parting Gift To My Perfect Self by Nancy Yoder — A stop-motion animation abstracting one’s personal journey of overcoming chronic perfectionism through the use of collage. 

  • Rally by ​​Jordan Evans, Olivia Blankenship — A social app that flips the script on social media, encouraging face-to-face interaction and the making of memories rather than isolation and app addiction. 

  • spect by Frank Chytil and Anna Lowrimore — An installation featuring live footage of the audience’s eye on an arrangement of CRT TVs, evoking the reflection and dissection of oneself that occurs with digital interaction.

The two-hour event kicks off at 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 4, and is open to all. Free registration link above.