Published: June 23, 2021

CHris Hill wearing his Whiskers project.

ATLAS PhD student Chris Hill recently led a group of 11 students at the Broomfield Library in a weeklong wearable technology workshop. Students used custom-built prototyping tools that Hill and co-leader Michael Schneider designed to help them prototype circuitry to create their programmed simple circuit projects. Both Hill and Schneider work with Mark Gross, professor of computer science and director of the ATLAS Institute, and Ann Eisenberg, senior research associate with the Institute of Cognitive Science, on the NSF-sponsored Debugging by Design grant.

Hill is a McNair Scholar, a Google CS Research Mentorship participant, and he received an honorable mention in the 2020 Computing Research Association Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher awards. His research interests lie in human augmentation, sensory extension, transhumanism, biohacking, and educational technology. These interests have led to the development of open-source sensory extension and augmentation devices that he hopes will be replicated, accelerating scientific discovery and building stronger development communities in the field.


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