Published: Dec. 1, 2020

Graduating in December 2020 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Creative Technology and Design, the three students listed below are recognized for exceptional accomplishments, having demonstrated initiative in their academic and extracurricular activities; completed projects that reflect unusual technical creativity; and contributed significantly to the ATLAS community.

 ATLAS Outstanding Undergraduate Award

The ATLAS Outstanding Undergraduate Award recognizes graduating students who have pursued excellence and demonstrated exceptional creativity and curiosity in the course of their academic work. Exemplifying qualities that distinguish ATLAS as a unique academic and research community, awardees have earned the commendation of faculty for their hard work, creativity, character and performance.

ATLAS Outstanding Undergraduate 2020: Michelle Galetti

ATLAS Distinguished Undergraduates

The distinguished undergraduates listed below have demonstrated creativity, confidence, capability, community and collaboration. These students have not only excelled academically, but have a multitude of interdisciplinary accomplishments, polished creative projects and community contributions.

ATLAS Distinguished Undergraduates 2020: Lillie Bahrami and Alana Faller