Published: Nov. 3, 2020


Andrew Gruber stands in an apron with his hands crossed in his commercial kitchen.

Andre Gruber

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Major: Senior in Creative Technology & Design with a minor in computer science

Employment: Co-founder of Ferment, an artisanal bread company in Boulder specializing in sourdough

Entrepreneurship has always been something that I wanted to pursue. The freedom to set your own rules, schedule, and create whatever you want has intrigued me ever since I was hired for my first job at 16. However, it's been something that I've always put off to the side because I didn't think I had all of the skills. Now, at the start of my fourth year in CTD, I couldn't have been more wrong. Having started my own business in May of 2020, I used so much of the knowledge and skills that I've acquired throughout my coursework. At Ferment, we strive to do as much work in-house as possible from graphic design to book-keeping. CTD has given me a solid foundation where I can expand on some of the coursework I've completed but also have the confidence and know-how to approach areas of the business that I have no expertise in. As an example, the presentation skills I've acquired have translated directly into making me more comfortable engaging with our customers and business partners.