Published: Jan. 8, 2020

Ellen Do smiles next to several other Innovative Design recipients as she receives her award.ATLAS Professor Ellen Yi-Luen Do was one of nine individuals and organizations to win the World Eco-Design Conference's Innovative Design award. 

The event, which aims to promote an exchange of ideas on ecological design, was held in Guanghzou, China, Dec. 5-7.  The more than 1,200 conference attendees included members of the United Nations Industrial Development Organizations, diplomats from several countries, design organizations, and educational and scientific research institutes.

"Dr. Ellen Yi-Luen Do defies traditional disciplines,"  said Zhu Hongren, executive vice chairman and director general of China Enterprise Confederation, when he announced Do's award. "From computer-based sketching to electronic flavor, from health and wellness to music, her work engages designers, programmers and interdisciplinary partners in creating playful new interfaces that feel natural. Her vision for augmenting human capacities exploit three “M”s: Mind, Might and Magic.  Mind, to observe before acting, to be thoughtful and open-minded; Might, to consider the capacity and competency of people and technology; and Magic, to blend technology wonderfully in everyday life."

During the conference's Women's Design and Innovative Development Forum, Do also presented a talk, "Grace & Joy of Female Designers & Innovators." The forum focused on sharing female innovative design models from countries along the "Silk Road."