Dr. Nicole Jobin working with a student

In being awarded this honor, Dr. Nicole Jobin is recognized for her use of technology as not only a tool, but also as a great equalizer in her classroom, placing students as co-creators, rather than passive learners, of their knowledge. 

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Welcome to the ASSETT Podcast network where we feature a variety of voices from the University of Colorado’s teaching and learning community in the College of Arts & Sciences. Here you can access mini-series focused on topics ranging from student success, to technology share outs, to insights from faculty, staff, and students for improving the undergraduate learning experience, and more.

Picture of 2022-2023 Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows have been working hard and meeting weekly to brainstorm around teaching and learning challenges across their departments to promote and prioritize the continuous improvement of the undergraduate learning experience! Follow this link to learn more about the CTL and ASSETT 2022-2023 Faculty Fellows.