Past Award Recipients

Purpose or Goal of Program:  The Employee of the Year Award is presented annually to A&S staff in recognition and appreciation of exceptional job performance.  

List of Those Eligible:  All College of Arts and Sciences Classified and University Staff may be nominated for this award, excluding current members of the A&S Dean’s Staff Advisory Committee.  Nominations are accepted from fellow staff, faculty or students who have firsthand knowledge of the nominee's performance.  

Awards:  Multiple awards of $1,500 may be given each fiscal year. Employees may receive this award once in any five-year period.

Nomination Process:  The College of Arts and Sciences will put out a call seeking nominations.  Each nomination should consist of 1) a letter of nomination and 2) a minimum of two letters supporting the nomination, one of which must come from the unit of employment.  

The packet should not exceed six pages, be combined in one pdf document and emailed to by the deadline.

Deadline to submit:  March 1, 2019

Award Criteria: The nomination review committee will be looking for employees who, for example, consistently demonstrate outstanding performance in all areas of their job; employees who demonstrate inspired leadership; employees who provide outstanding service to the campus and surrounding community and employees with exceptional interpersonal skills. Please be detailed in your nomination letters and provide examples that specifically address the award specifications.

How Awardees will be Selected and Notified:  The Dean’s Staff Advisory Committee will review the nomination packets and make a recommendation to the Dean in the spring semester.  The Dean will make the final decision and notify each of the recipients by letter.