When requesting that a classified staff member accept a teaching appointment, a written request by the Chair/Director must be sent to the Divisional Dean for approval via email each semester or academic year that a classified staff member will be teaching per the process outlined below.


  • Classified Staff completes Courses Agreed to Teach Grid and submits to Unit.
  • Unit submits the following to Faculty Affairs Coordinator for review via email at  CAS-Faculty@colorado.edu:
  • Draft offer letter reviewed by Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans.
  • Once approved by Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans, approved offer letter saved as PDF and sent to the Unit to begin routing for signatures via DocuSign.
    • Unit
    • Human Resources Service Center
    • Personnel File
  • Appointment entered in HCM (Human Resources software) by the College of Arts and Sciences' Human Resources Service Center.
  • If any changes to the offer letter are needed after approval, fill out an addendum form.