The faculty member continues with standard workload until the final semester. The faculty member may continue with their standard workload, or: 

  • Tenured and Tenure-Track faculty may request the final semester be free from teaching 

  • Non Tenure-Track faculty may request up to 50% reduction in teaching for the final semester. 

  • Non Tenure-Track faculty are not permitted to go below 50% teaching  


  • Faculty member discusses plans with department, program or center chair or director. 

  • Faculty member submits request for retirement in a Word document to the department chair/director.  

  • The chair/director forwards the request for retirement document to CAS Faculty Affairs (

  • CAS Faculty Affairs submits a form to the unit, dean, and the Office of Faculty Affairs* (OFA) (if applicable) for signature with a copy to the Graduate School or the Research and Innovation Office (if applicable), Human Resources Service Center and Department Coordinator.

    * Office of Faculty Affairs will create the faculty retirement agreement for OFA-overseen faculty 


Reviewed 25 January 2024