Thinking about retirement? 

This page provides pertinent resources to support your well-being during this life transition and help you begin the process of retirement. 

Buffalo Spirit 

American buffaloes, and those who protect them, signify determination and the wherewithal to make clear and wise decisions. The buffalo survives, even in the rapidly changing world to which it must adapt. 

As a valued member of the College of Arts and Sciences we honor your contributions and recognize the buffalo spirit within you as you transition to your next adventures. 

CU Boulder retiree perks 

As a retiree on the Boulder campus you are eligible for: 

  • E-mail: Retirees are eligible to keep their campus e-mail accounts. Automatically with slight delay during transition. 

  • Norlin Library: Retirees maintain their library privileges. Access remains the same, automatically. 

  • Parking: Retirees are eligible for retiree-parking permit. Contact the Parking Services Business Office at (303) 492-7384 for more information. 

  • Stay Connected: Be Well and CU Retired Faculty Association 

  • The Be Well program utilizes eight dimensions of wellness—emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, spiritual—to support holistic health for those exploring retirement. Stay connected via the Be Well website and take advantage of the resources offered. 

  • Emeritus Status: According to the Faculty Handbook, "Upon retirement, any administrative officer or any professional member of the faculty, in accordance with normal faculty review procedures or by approval of the Board of Regents, may be allowed to retain his/her title with the description 'emeritus'." Requires request from department chair based on department approval to the Dean, and approval by the dean and faculty affairs.  

Get started early 

As you consider retirement, begin planning as soon as possible. Retirement plans and benefits are administered by the CU System Employee Services Office. See contact information and quick links below to get started: 

Retirement options 

You will find policy information regarding faculty retirement and retirement agreements on the Office of Faculty Affairs website.  

Standard Faculty Retirement

Phased Faculty Retirement

Emeritus Status

Faculty member’s responsibility 

Please work with your Department Chair and Employee Services to determine what steps you will need to take to prepare for your departure.  

Staying connected 

Retirement is a new beginning. This is a time to use experience and expertise in a new way to focus attention on the evolving CU Boulder campus landscape. We believe you would provide a significant contribution to the mission and objectives of the Boulder campus, and the Chancellor agrees. Consider joining the CU Retired Faculty organization. 


Reviewed 25 January 2024