Tenured or tenure-track faculty members may request to work 50% time for a maximum of three years. This option does not include a final semester free from teaching, but the university continues to pay retirement and insurance plan contributions for someone on a 50% phased retirement as if the faculty member was working at 100%.  

Faculty member should notify department chair via Word document approximately one year before the planned retirement date (please refer to process outlined below).  


  • Faculty member discusses intent to separate with department, program or center chair or director. 

  • Faculty member submits request for retirement in a Word document to the department chair/director.  

  • The chair/director forwards the request for retirement document to CAS Faculty Affairs (CAS-Faculty@colorado.edu

  • CAS Faculty Affairs submits a form to the unit, dean and the Office of Faculty Affairs* (OFA) (if applicable) for signatures with a copy to the Graduate School or the Research and Innovation Office if applicable, Human Resources Service Center and Department Coordinator. 

    * Office of Faculty Affairs will create the retirement agreement for OFA-overseen faculty members. 

Nine-month faculty, which includes most tenure or tenure-track faculty and instructors, are not paid for any portion of unused sick leave remaining at retirement and do not accrue vacation time. 

Faculty on 9-Pay-12 Appointments 

Prior to the academic year of retirement, nine-month faculty that previously chose to be paid over 12-months should consider whether they want to change the method of salary disbursement. 

The Faculty Election to Defer Receipt of Salary Payment form to change from 9-pay-12 (being paid over twelve months) to 9-pay-9 (being paid over 9 months) must be submitted to the campus Human Resources Service Center by June 30 for any upcoming academic year. Faculty continuing to be paid over 12-months will receive a lump-sum payout on the final date of employment, which might result in a higher dollar amount being withheld from the payout.  Faculty may wish to consult a tax professional regarding income tax implication. 

Reviewed 25 January 2024