We don't have strict entry requirements or prerequisites. However, our graduate program in Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences involves a rigorous set of coursework (11 courses and 4 seminars), many of which expect students to enter with a strong math and physics background. 

We like to see the following undergrad upper-level Physics courses:

  • Classical (Analytical) Mechanics

  • Electromagnetism 1 & 2

  • Quantum Mechanics 1 & 2

  • Thermal Physics and/or Stat Mechanics

  • Physics Labs (typically 2-3 years).

In addition, many students benefit from taking undergraduate physics electives (these are optional, not required):

  • Condensed Matter (solid-state) physics

  • Modern Physics (atomic, nuclear, particle)

  • Relativity & Cosmology

For mathematics, we prefer that students have taken:

  • Calculus 1,2,3 (through vector & multivariate calculus)

  • Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra

Strongly encouraged:

  • Intro to Partial Differential Equations

  • Transform methods (Fourier, Laplace)

  • Complex Variables

  • Mathematical Physics (wave, diffusion equations, etc.)