Artifact and Archival Donations

The Heritage Center collects a wide range of artifacts for presenting the extraordinary history of Colorado’s flagship university. Developing a broad and rich collection of photographs, historical artifacts and archives allows the museum to share the exciting history of the Boulder campus and its alumni with our visitors.

Our collections and exhibitions staff is always interested in expanding the artifact, photographic and document collections with items that represent all periods of university history beginning with the period in which the idea of a university began to take shape in 1861 through today. 

Interested in more details about what items we are interested in and how to donate?
We continue to grow our collection through acquisitions in four key areas: campus, student, alumni, and academic history. All types of artifacts that reflect these subjects are considered. For information about donating items, please contact the Curator for more details.

Monetary Donations

The Heritage Center was established by the effort and resources of the CU Boulder Alumni Association and the University of Colorado Foundation, Inc. If you are interested in supporting the Heritage Center, there are options available to you! These options can be found on the University of Colorado Foundation, or go directly to a donation page for the CU Heritage Center at Old Main.

Click on the Giving Guide tab to get started with tailored information on ways to give and what to give. Gifts can be given in memory of someone who has passed away, in honor of someone still living, or as an individual donation.