Do stories in the Coloradan ever make you think differently, inspire you to want to learn more or even take action? Have you ever brought up the topic around the dinner table or shared a story with a fellow CU Boulder alum? That kind of community-led discussion is the impetus for the dialogue series Coloradan Conversations. 

Coloradan Conversations: The Polarization of Politics

Each Coloradan Conversation will bring Forever Buffs and the CU Boulder community together to discuss a singular topic or theme relevant not only on campus, but around the world. Rather than listening to a lecture, this series invites alumni to engage and connect with thought leaders and fellow Forever Buffs about topics presented in the Coloradan alumni magazine.

During this event, we heard from CU experts about the rise of political branding strategies and how differing approaches to identity and social issues contribute to contemporary patterns of polarization. Watch the full event online below. 

Program exhibits featured research from: