The Forever Buffs Network Mentorship Program is an opportunity for CU Boulder alumni and students to foster meaningful relationships that will set mentees up for success in their future careers and life beyond CU. The program allows for both alumni-to-alumni mentorship and alumni-to-student mentorship, enabling alumni to share their professional and personal experience and expertise with current students and young alumni. The only requirement is that participants register in the Forever Buffs Network

Who Can Be a Mentor?

If you are a CU Boulder alumni you are encouraged to participate in the mentorship program, as your story may be one that helps another Forever Buff. As a mentor, you will serve a role in the professional and personal development of your mentees. You will help your mentees navigate challenges, set goals, learn professional behavior and identify the options ahead of them. Through regular connection and intentional interactions, you can have a long-term impact on your mentee.

Mentors are encouraged to connect with their mentees regularly throughout their established mentorship relationship. Your mentorship can help provide structure to your mentee’s life, plan for next steps in their career and help them build their professional networks. 

Who Can Be a Mentee?

If you are a young alum or current CU Boulder student, you can be a mentee. As a mentee, your goal is to broaden your professional network and enhance your personal development using strategic planning and effective personal skills. As a mentee, you will gain knowledge from your mentor, and you must have the ambition to practice and demonstrate what you have learned. Your role is to identify your goals and needs, while gauging whether or not you’re getting what you need from your mentor. 

Mentees are encouraged to connect with their mentors regularly throughout their established mentorship relationship. The Forever Buffs Network Mentorship Program begins at the end of October after mentorship pairs are confirmed and runs through May 2022. 

Mentorship Timeline

Please note, any mentorship matches made during the 2021–22 academic year commit you to the relationship through May 2022. This ensures the mentee and mentor have enough time to connect, agree upon goals and complete them. The Alumni Association will communicate upcoming milestones or key dates via the Forever Buffs Network to help you stay on track. Find out how you can get started with the steps below.

Please visit the Forever Buffs Network for resources for both mentors and mentees. If you have questions, send us an email.