Be a voice in CU Boulder history 

Help build the CU StoryBank project by sharing your story about our campus’s rich and diverse history. The Heritage Center is collecting personal narratives from students, faculty, staff and alumni to honor people’s voices about communities, events and memorable times that otherwise might not be included in the historical record.  

Your story can expand the collection. 

To launch the project, we are requesting written stories for the suggested topics. Select a topic at the bottom of the page and fill in the form. In the future, the subjects will expand, and we will accept audio and video entries. If you have a story you would like to share that is not included in the current topics, please submit your story and expand our catalog! 

How will my story be used?

As part of the Heritage Center’s permanent collection, the narratives will serve as a record of individual experiences at CU Boulder. They will be available as a scholarly and educational resource for the CU Boulder campus and the general public. Please download, review and sign the CU StoryBank Release Form and Instructions so that the Heritage Center can add your story to its permanent collection.

But it’s more than a story; I have memorabilia!

For any related materials, such as original documents, photographs or objects you would like to accompany your StoryBank submission, please contact the Heritage Center’s curator about the donation process.  

We are excited to make your voice a part of CU Boulder’s history.