Research and Scanning Services

ResearchIn an effort to bring renewed attention and interest to our collection and to the study of the history of the University of Colorado Boulder, the Heritage Center welcomes research requests.

Heritage Center Collections

The Heritage Center has a research library of over 25,000 photographs, books, artifacts, textiles and other material focusing primarily on the history of the University of Colorado Boulder. The research collection includes yearbooks, photographs, student/faculty directories, academic publications, student newspapers/publications, newspaper clippings, sports programs, scrapbooks, alumni publications, sports memorabilia, greek society memorabilia, personal artifacts and more.

Research Options at the Heritage Center

Research in Person
Visit the Heritage Center and do your own research. Access is free but please call ahead for an appointment and let us know who or what you are researching so we can prepare the appropriate materials for your visit.

Contact the Curator or call 303-492-6329 to discuss your project so we can better assist you and to assure staff availability. Please review Research Room information requirements shown below before visiting.

See Image Reproduction Fees below for more information about scanning and photocopies.

Research Requests
If you are unable to visit in person, the Heritage Center staff can conduct research requests. The service is priced per hour of research which includes up to 5 photocopied pages of relevant material. We will conduct a quick preliminary search and contact you with payment details. We regret that we cannot conduct searches at other campus or off-site repositories. Due to staffing constraints, we are only able to devote up to 2 hours of research time per request.

Please contact the Curator if you think your request will require a more extensive search.

If you are a:

  • CU-Boulder Alum : $20 per hour
    • (please note year of graduation in request)
  • CU-Boulder Campus Faculty or Staff member: $20 per hour
  • Non-CU-Boulder Alum, Faculty or Staff: $30 per hour
  • Business: $30 per hour

Research results will be sent four to six weeks from receipt of payment. You will receive information only after the research fees are paid in full. We cannot guarantee our investigation will produce results, but we will make every effort to assist you. Included in our response will be a list of the sources consulted in the course of our research and, if applicable, a list of suggested local research locations.

To keep costs down we prefer to send files digitally. If you want items mailed to you, the rate of $6.95 via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate will apply.

If you wish to receive more than 5 copies, and they are available, you will be informed of the additional funds required.

How to Make a Research Request
Email, mail or call the Heritage Center at 303-492-6329 about your research request. Please include all known information, including names (women’s maiden names as well), dates, and other relevant details of your topic. Please provide as much information as you can. The more information you give, the better the chances are for a successful search.

Mail your materials to:
CU Heritage Center
Attn: Curator
459 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

Research Room


  • By appointment only Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.The Heritage Center may be closed in observation of holidays, inclement weather or during special events; please call ahead to confirm.
  • Please email the Curator or call 303-492-6329 to discuss your project before arrival so that we can better assist you and to assure staff availability.
  • The staff will make every effort to discuss your project and the potential for success, but we cannot predict whether the information sought will be found in our collections.


  • Researchers will need to fill out a short registration form before conducting research and agree to the material handling guidelines.

What to bring into the Research Room

  • Loose paper, pencils, laptop computers and tablets are permitted.
  • Please turn your cell phone to silent.

What may NOT be brought into the Research Room

  • Food, beverages, pens, scanners, tripods, notebooks, backpacks, briefcases, overcoats and handbags are NOT permitted.
  • Personal belongings must be stored in a designated area of the Research Room.

Research Room services

  • Complimentary campus WiFi is available.
  • Camera use: Patron may use their own cameras to photograph most collection materials for personal research use only. See details below.
  • Copy service: Most of our collection materials can be photocopied. All copies must be made by staff. Photocopies are $.20 per page.

Camera use policy

  • Researchers may use photographs for personal use and research only.
  • Researchers must obtain permission from staff before taking photographs.
  • Permission required for any form of publication.
  • Photographs may not be donated, sold, or provided to another repository or individual.
  • Turn off flash and sound on the camera. Tripods are not permitted.
  • Photography is permitted based on the physical condition of the materials, donor restrictions, U.S. copyright law, and research room rules.

Materials handling guidelines

  • The researcher must read and agree to the material handling guidelines.
  • Handle materials with care and ask for assistance if unsure about how to handle an item.
  • When handling photographs cotton gloves must be used. Gloves provided.
  • Keep items flat on the table.

Requests to view artifacts must be discussed and approved by the Curator prior to your visit.

Photocopy and Scanning Fees

  • Photocopies: $.20 per page
  • High resolution digital file (for publication or display use)
    • 300 dpi (8″x10”) : $20
    • 600 dpi (8″x10”) : $40
    • If ordering over 10 images, bulk order pricing will apply. Contact the Curator for details.
  • Low resolution digital file (for website or presentation use)
    • 72 dpi (5″x7”) : $8
    • Free for CU Boulder students only