Detachment 105 Roll Calls were created when Rebecca and Genevieve were having a drink at the Walrus after the 2002 graduation. We were reminiscing about all the fun we had at CU and how our best friends and best memories were with those from Det 105. With everyone commissioning and heading in all different directions, we wondered if we would ever see them all again. So we decided the best way to get back together was to create reunions that would bring everyone back to Colorado. Rebecca created the first Roll Call in 2003 and the tradition began!

In 2011, the group became an official Affinity and Interest Volunteer Organization, which gives us support and benefits from the University to continue holding Roll Calls every 2 years.

Vision: Enrich the lives of Det 105 alumni, cadets, and the Boulder community.

Mission: Provide meaningful support to Det 105 alumni and cadets through scholarships, networking and mentorship support, community service opportunities, and social events.